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Unsolved Murders

Unsolved Murders

Anul aparitiei: 2019
Limba: engleza
Tip coperta: tare
ISBN: 9780241361320
Disponibilitate:  in 30 zile
Pret:  77,94 LEI
Modalitati de transport:
• 12,00 lei - prin Posta Romana (gratuit peste 50,00 lei /comanda )
• 12,00 lei - prin Urgent Cargus (gratuit peste 50,00 lei /comanda )


Twenty compelling unsolved murders from across the twentieth and twenty-first century are prised apart by host of the podcast }Accused{ Amber Hunt and runner of true crime website }Morbidology{ Emily G. Thompson. Features well-known mysteries such as the case of JonBenet Ramsey and more obscure occurrences such as the Shark Arm Case.

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