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Ride by Moonlight

Ride by Moonlight

Anul aparitiei: 2016
Nr. pagini: 128 pagini
ISBN: 9781409590668
Disponibilitate:  in 30 zile
Pret:  35,94 LEI
Modalitati de transport:
• 9,90 lei - prin Posta Romana (gratuit peste 39,00 lei /comanda )
• 11,90 lei - prin Urgent Cargus (gratuit peste 59,00 lei /comanda )


Book type: hardback
BIC: C3N79
However often Charlie says he’ll never ride again, his friends at Sandy Lane won’t believe him. He has a place at racing school starting in a couple of months. What can have happened to make him so scared? Independent new readers will love this Usborne Young Reading story, part of a collectible series of equestrian adventures with attractive hardback covers.

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