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Doctor Foster went to Gloucester

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester

Anul aparitiei: 2015
Nr. pagini: 24 pagini
ISBN: 9781474903851
Disponibilitate:  in 30 zile
Pret:  29,94 LEI
Modalitati de transport:
• 9,90 lei - prin Posta Romana (gratuit peste 39,00 lei /comanda )
• 11,90 lei - prin Urgent Cargus (gratuit peste 59,00 lei /comanda )


Book type: paperback
BIC: A2N79
Doctor Foster not only travels to Gloucester, but also Oxford, Gosport, Stockton and Bognor in this charmingly illustrated update of the classic nursery rhyme. Children will love reading about Doctor Foster’s adventures in extreme weather conditions from snow and sleet to bright sunshine. A lovely book to share or for children to read themselves.

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